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THE CARE & FEEDING OF Healthy Indoor Plants and Trees


Simple Secrets to Success


Secret Number One:  Give them water when they're thirsty

Not so much water that they're constantly soggy; and not so little that they become parched and the soil is dried out for so long that their leaves begin to droop.   Most plants like to have fairly (but not completely) dry soil before being thoroughly soaked again. Do not give them little “drinks” now and then – rather, let them dry out' then, put them in the sink and add water to the soil until it begins to drain out of the bottom of the pot.


Secret Number Two:  Always include vitamins in the water Miracle-Gro® Liquid All Purpose Houseplant Food

The best and most convenient indoor plant/tree vitamins on the market (in my opinion) is “Miracle Grow” liquid. I've tried others and my plants seem more vital, perky, and are prolific leaf growers on this vitamin formula.  (It's easy; just add 21 drops to a half gallon of water every time you soak them.)

See www.miraclegro.com


Secret Number Three:  Let them have light

Indirect natural lighting (from authentic sunlight), if available, is best. Gro-lamp or Full Spectrum Lighting is also great when on a 12 hours on, 12 off cycle. Do not locate them in a place where only fluorescent and no natural sunlight reaches their leaves or they will die.


Secret Number Four:  Mist them frequently

Their leaves are happiest when the surrounding air often contains moisture.  (An alternative to hand-spraying mist is a bubbling water fountain, waterfall, or misting humidifier in the room.)


Secret Number Five:  Keep their leaves clean (dirt and dust free)

They need to breathe, just like we do; transpiration takes place through their leaves (just like respiration through our lungs).  When leaf surfaces become covered with a film of dust, they can't as efficiently release oxygen for us to breathe.  Usually wide, flat leaves can be wiped gently with a moist terry cloth wash cloth or towel; or bring them outside and spray (gently) with a shower-type nozzle; or place them in the bathtub or sink occasionally for a gentle, cleansing shower.  This makes them very happy.  You'll be able to actually see them perk up after a nice bath!


Secret Number Six:  Give them friends to keep them company

Plants are happiest in groups.  Gather them together in a space (just like a rain forest). This creates the best air quality for them and you.


Secret Number Seven:  Love Them

Pay attention to them.  Look at them.  Enjoy them. (Notice when they're thirsty and don't make them wait for water.) If they are happy, producing lots of new leaves, you can count on the air quality being great in the space where they live.



  • Test the moisture in the soil by poking your finger in a little bit.  Learn their timing between waterings (This will depend on the air flow and temperature in the room where they live.)
  • Water them as soon as they need a drink. 
  • Be certain they have adequate sunlight or Full-Spectrum Light.
  • Clean their leaves (of dust and grime) so that they can breathe freely. 
  • Spritz the air around them several times a day or place a misting humidifier nearby.
  • Enjoy their beauty and the fresh air they provide. 


Care about and for your indoor plants and trees – they will fill your homes, offices, and Green Oasiss with life-giving oxygen and clean air for you to breathe. 



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