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Your mental computer, just like the one on your desk, can become overloaded with too many programs open and running simultaneously.

The brain becomes less efficient with “too much on your mind”. Forgetfulness, foggy thinking, anxiety can be symptoms of this condition.

If your state of mind at bedtime is troubled, over-loaded, or simply racing full-speed ahead, difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep through the night, restlessness and poor quality sleep just compound the situation causing you to feel tired, groggy, and grumpy the next day. Prolonged sleep-deprivation is a serious problem for many, many people and can cause further health and memory problems because we need restful, sound sleep to re-charge the billions of miniscule cellular batteries that comprise our bodies and fuel our thinking.

Knowing this, how does one clear the mind, suspend the incessant self-chatter, quiet the thoughts, relax and let go in order to start fresh after a quick break, a 20-minute Power Nap, or a good night's sleep?

Let's go through the process of doing what it takes to Shut-Down Your Mental Computer, Re-Charge, and Re-Boot.

There are 5 Steps to follow:

•  Close the folders one-by-one

•  Shut down the programs

•  Turn off your mental computer (“clear the cache”)

•  Re-charge

•  Re-boot


•  Close the folders one-by-one

•  Look at each area of your life and imagine that all things are okay right now.

•  Visualize a file cabinet (your own design) and place one area in each drawer or cubicle. Press Ignore Button.

•  Shut down the programs

•  Discontinue use of Judgment and Criticism

•  Neutralize the emotions (release Anger, Fear, Retribution)

•  Implement Reflection and notice what you see

•  Turn off your mental computer (“clear the cache”)

•  Turn your attention to ponder other things

•  Focus your undivided attention on the Breathing

Sit, stand, and/or lie down (stomach or back), or kneel (if you can . . . safely!)

•  Balance and Align the two sides; front and back

•  Begin to BREATHE slowly, deeply, diaphragmatically, consciously. Prolong each breath and use the Five Exhalation Styles (HA –SAH – Mouth Closed – Alternating Sides – the Short Burst Expulsions). Do them right now! Why not? Do some Counting. Sip Water.

•  Take internal inventory. Observe your own Nervous System, Muscles, Glands, Internal Organs (especially the Heart, Lungs, and Brain). Every organ is precious. So is every nerve and muscle. Use your mind to observe your body and commit yourself to making only Wise Choices.

•  Re-charge

•  Choose a Visualization.

•  Do it yourself.

•  Use Your Imagination.

•  Explore the Possibilities.

•  This process charges your brain cells and causes harmonious electro-vibratory signals to travel through your nervous system and out into your muscles (including the heart). Very beneficial to your general, overall health.

•  See Repair Your Memory - Restore Your Health by Jan Dacri, M.A. for more ideas, tips and suggestions.

•  Re-boot

•  Restore your thinking to exterior realities slowly and with great care and consideration. Our waking dreams, goals, and visions can be fruitful if we are mindful.

•  Re-entering, open one program at a time and use it wisely.

•  Open one folder and self-examine its contents.

•  Notice when you are once-again rushing around and feeling stress and tension –

Or not!



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