Paul Gwinn and Alberta Gwinn
"I now go to the store without a list and remember every item... from memory!"
-Alberta Gwinn (Age 84)
"There's a treasure chest right here. My mind feels sharper than it has in years. "
-Paul Gwinn (Age 81)

Mary Milewsky
"I'm actually having fun remembering people's names I could never do that before learning Jan's Memory Secrets."
-Mary Milewsky (Age 77)

Avon Overholser
"Using Memory Secrets is a worthwhile investment of time and money that will benefit anyone for the rest of their life. I wish I had this [Memory Secrets] years ago."
-Avon Overholser (Age 87)

Iris Overholser
"If you learn and use Memory Secrets you're going to enjoy greater vitality, vim & vigor. I'm feeling the positive effects in my outlook as well as my memory for everyday words and names."
-Iris Overholser (Age 86)

Book & DVD together - A Complete Memory Course!

Dramatically improve your recall with the seven secrets to an ultra-sharp memory!

Join the fun - participate with the group on screen. DVD chapters correspond to the chapters in the book. Learning from what you see, hear, and read, you'll quickly master all seven Memory Secrets.


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Why is Memory Secrets used at Hilton, YPO, IAAP, 3M, Reebok, and AARP?

Simple - The Memory Secrets program is the fastest and most entertaining way to improve your memory. This program will quickly have you remembering names, faces, numbers, lists, and all kinds of facts.

There’s scientific evidence to prove that brain cells do regenerate, that the memory can improve with age, like fine vintage wine! Our minds can get better at processing and storing information; just as our bodies can become healthier at any age. Memory Secrets is the way to restore maximum mental performance and insure that you keep your strong, reliable mind active and efficient.

Memory Secrets is not full of dull background information about the memory. There are already plenty of books on the market by authorities who discuss scientific discoveries revealing how the mind works and myriads of frightening medical reports about brain degeneration and disease. This program is not at all about all of that. Rather, it offers practical and tested ways to insure that these things will not be happening to you!

How quickly will I get results?

Results will start after the first 10 minutes of using this program and continue for years to come. This book will share the secrets of bringing youthful vitality back to your brain cells. It will show you in specific and proven ways how to revitalize your memory – no matter how many years you’ve been using it, or how it’s been performing lately.

How does it work?

You will learn to remember more, faster, and with greater accuracy. The Memory Secrets program was developed to show you how to keep your mind strong and vital. Once you understand the scientific principles of your mind's memory system, you can restore your memory to its fullest capacity, perhaps even improve it to a level never attained before.

What will I be able to remember?

The Memory Secrets program will help you to remember just about anything. In daily life you’ll become great at recalling names, faces, lists, plus all types of facts and information. You'll notice that words appear more quickly when your brain goes into search mode. You’ll soon feel more confident and secure about your brain’s ability to process all it must handle in the information age. You’ll stop talking about what’s wrong and start noticing what’s right – that you really do have a great mind!

What's included in the Memory Secrets Complete Course?

The Memory Secrets Book (in Large Print)
2½ hour DVD with chapters corresponding to the book
Group Activity Leader's Manual (with Group Programs)

Free Bonus

Order today and you'll also receive the Health Secrets CD. The Health Secrets CD will teach you the 7 Essential Habits of Natural Health, which improve your memory as well.

"Everybody needs this information to achieve peak performance in business and personal life."
-John Bradshaw, Author
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