"Once again, you helped to make the 2003 IAAP Convention and Education Forum successful! Thank you!"
- Susan Fenner PhD
Manager of Education & Professional Development, IAAP

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"This is the fifth year we've invited Jan to speak. Her programs are always a delightful change from the ordinary business topics, yet valuable in the workplace. She is fabulous."
- Golden Corral Restaurants


"As we anticipated, perfect scores in every category."
- John Shelly, Owens/Corning


"Subject matter with universal appeal. Everybody needs this information to achieve peak performance in business and personal life."
- John Bradshaw, noted author


"Jan's lecture was an unqualified success. In a forum where presenters are mostly men, Jan Dacri delivers. During the past three expos, she has received the highest ratings of any speaker on the program."
- J.B. Davis ConExpo









October 3, 2003

Dear Jan:

Thank you so much for joining us in Albuquerque for the 2003 IAAP Convention and Education Forum. The overall convention evaluations were all glowing and members left Albuquerque on an emotional and educational high! What a perfect way to begin the 2003-2004 IAAP year!

The final registration figure was 1,860 attendees! Based on a 10-point scale with 10 being the highest score, the average rating for all convention educational sessions was 8.65. Here are the scores from your sessions:

#420R – Up-Grade Your Mental Computer: With Increased Memory Power: 9.05 (WOW!)

Selected comments:

• “It’s a great workshop! Jan is full of life and presents well.”
• “Very good! I can’t believe how much I remembered!”
• “Real information! Mental exercises were great!”
• “Most useful? Clues for improving memory – great theory – wonderful handout!”
• “Great session! Great enthusiasm. Teaching techniques & methods are most unique and helpful.”
• “Excellent exercise!! Excellent presenter!!”
• “Energetic presenter; impressive use of visual clues to enhance memory.”
• “Excellent topic! Jan was very enthusiastic and fun to listen to. Great tips for improving memory.”
• “Most useful? Classroom exercise;
• “I’m gonna say this one doesn’t need improvement, simply because the speaker presented herself – freelance, not bombarding us with screen projectors and reading off written material that would wear us out! This session woke me up! She handled the audience in the best way to keep them focused! Great personality – loud and clear!”
• “Most useful? That I still have a great mind and not losing it as I thought. Jan was excellent.”
• “Jan’s enthusiasm, folksiness, and sense of humor were great!”
• “Very interesting, useful information. Jan is very energetic and motivating.”
• “Everything was useful! It helped me a lot to remember a lot! Thank you, Jan. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’ll take anything Jan has to offer.”
• “Most useful? Linking thought exercise & using our imagination to stimulate our minds. Dynamic speaker and presentation. Thank you!!!”

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• “Energetic, easy instructions, talked about visuals. Very enjoyable!!”
• “Great session – humorous – energetic – visual associations – positive!”
• “Excellent teacher – fun, enthusiastic, organized, creative. Learned skills I can use immediately. What a fun class packed with lots of info.”
• “Thank you – I needed this!!”
• “She was so energetic. Great presenter.”
• “The interaction and the speaker were remarkable and excellent.”
• “Great techniques – enthusiastic presenter.”
• “Fabulous!”
• “Fun – thought provoking – great!”
• “Wonderful examples; energetic speaker. Learned good techniques for (memory) improvement. Thank you!”
• “Very dynamic speaker. Very good class and much needed.”
• “Great hints and the presentation was outstanding!”
• “Very positive, helpful and worthwhile – thank you!”
• “Excellent – good speaker – kept interest – audience participation was good.”
• “Very good!!”
• “Excellent ideas to increase my memory!”
• “Most useful? All of the tricks & tips, the humor and memory skills.”
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• “Very good workshop. I really enjoyed it! Very good tips on increasing memory power and remembering names.”
• “Most useful? The illustrations and interactions with other office professionals and the speaker alike.”
• “Great techniques. Bring her back!”
• “It was quite perfect the way it was. Would like her again. Jan is delightful – presentation skills very good. Related well with the audience.”
• “Great! More from Jan!”
• “Great handout.”
• “A lot of great information.”
• “Most useful? The association aspect to memory! New ways to use it! Thank you for your enthusiasm!”
• “Excellent. She was amazing with tons of great ideas.”
• “Excellent seminar and presenter. The memory exercises proved we all have great minds and can do whatever we set out to do. Thank you!”
• “Great tools to use in the future.”
• “At last! A session where the speaker gave techniques, taught, and didn’t spend the session selling their book, CD, etc.”
• “Your energy and spirit were most useful! Wonderful handout, great exercises and life experiences.”

• “Enjoyed Jan greatly! Wonderful speaker!”
• “Great ideas. I enjoyed the class. Entertaining speaker.”
• “The techniques will help me with remembering names and faces.”
• “Good memory and relaxation techniques. Definitely a help in a busy office.”
• “A delightful personality – gave to the audience her energy to believe we each have a mind to use, using memory teaching techniques.”

Thanks to 3M for sponsoring your two sessions!! They are terrific business partners and Jan; we appreciate all the time and energy put into your presentations. Once again, you helped to make the 2003 IAAP Convention and Education Forum successful! Thank you!

Susan Fenner PhD
Manager of Education & Professional Development,
International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP)

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