Paul Gwinn and Alberta Gwinn
"I now go to the store without a list and remember every item... from memory!"
-Alberta Gwinn (Age 84)
"There's a treasure chest right here. My mind feels sharper than it has in years. "
-Paul Gwinn (Age 81)

Mary Milewsky
"I'm actually having fun remembering people's names I could never do that before learning Jan's Memory Secrets."
-Mary Milewsky (Age 77)

Avon Overholser
"Using Memory Secrets is a worthwhile investment of time and money that will benefit anyone for the rest of their life. I wish I had this [Memory Secrets] years ago."
-Avon Overholser (Age 87)

Iris Overholser
"If you learn and use Memory Secrets you're going to enjoy greater vitality, vim & vigor. I'm feeling the positive effects in my outlook as well as my memory for everyday words and names."
-Iris Overholser (Age 86)